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NEW! RELLIS Alert Mobile App

The RELLIS Alert App instantly alerts you of campus emergencies or warnings on any Android or iOS device with a data connection.

Download the RELLIS Alert Mobile App

Go to the Google Play Store Go to the Apple App Store

The RELLIS Alert App comes with a number of new safety tools, including:

Friend Walk

Send your location to a friend or family member so they can follow your progress until you reach your destination. Friend Walk works wherever you are!*

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap the “Friend Walk” button in the App and choose a contact. Your friend will receive a text message with a link. Once they click the link, they will see a map with your active location.
  2. Set your destination and start moving. Use the crosshairs to select a final destination on the map. Your friend will see your destination and be able to track your progress.

    At any time on your journey, you can hit the “Emergency Button” to notify your friend to make an emergency call!

  3. Finish your trip and disconnect. Once you’ve safely reached your destination, click “Finish Trip” to complete your Friend Walk.

* Friend Walk will work anywhere as long as you have a data connection and your location services are turned on. Watch a video to see the Friend Walk feature in action.

Emergency Procedures

Quickly review RELLIS procedures for many emergency situations, including an active shooter, bomb threat, suspicious behavior, receipt of a suspicious letter or package, severe weather, fire, airborne and foodborne illnesses, and gas leaks.

Emergency Contacts

Direct links to 911, campus security, and law enforcement.

More information about the RELLIS Alert Mobile App can be found on our FAQs page.