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Code Maroon Delivery Statistics

No technology is 100 percent effective, so Code Maroon uses multiple notification channels in a best effort to notify Texas A&M of an emergency.

Most Recent Survey Results

Matrices and Performance Results by Channel
Dates SMS (text)
SMS (text) *
KAMU-FM radio
and EAS radio
RSS/Twitter ***
Computer Alerts
Computer Alerts
Classroom Alerts
Classroom Alerts
Email **

*Represents the elapsed time between when the alert was published and the last text message was delivered to the cell phone carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.). The majority of text messages reached cell phone carriers in less time. The time it takes a person to actually receive the text message is dependent upon how quickly individual cell phone carriers deliver the message to their customers.

**Code Maroon emails will automatically be sent to all Texas A&M Gmail accounts ending with and Texas A&M Exchange email addresses. By limiting email alerts to official Texas A&M Email addresses, the messages can be sent more quickly.

***Represents the university's delivery time to Twitter. Total delivery time is dependent upon how quickly Twitter delivers the message to their followers. Note: Twitter's delivery of messages to followers is not controlled by the university.